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How can ChatGPT actually help the marketer?

A lot of people write that ChatGPT is about to replace marketers, and I still don’t understand who or how it can replace them. I have tried to discuss with him from the top levels: the strategy, the decomposition of tasks and employees, KPI. He doesn’t help, the answers are weak and just like from a search engine.

I’ve read your article about writing a marketing marketing blurb, but it’s a kind of narrow specifics and more for copywriters rather than marketers. So how can ChatGPT help marketers right now?


I’ve been testing ChatGPT to be able to do different tasks for a marketer and yes, it has very roughly “from a search engine” answers.

You can get a model structure or KPI from him, but you didn’t want a model, did you? Where would he get them from? You are the only one with the answers to these questions.

In creative tasks ChatGPT is not much help so far, and I do not think that it and analogues can replace creative work. I understand creativity here in the original broad sense as creation. And you’re asking ChatGPT to create something for you. It doesn’t work that way.

Real help

What can help right now? I’ve written about something here. And in general, it’s a tool, a helper. You can give it context or material and ask it to structure, summarise, reduce, expand.

To get a valuable output, you have to give something to input, not just “do this I don’t know what” instead of me.

ChatGPT example task in marketing

I’ve been giving ChatGPT pieces of a business plan I wrote, and asked to cut something, summarize something, insert an additional message somewhere. At some point I realized that I had fed him a huge amount of information about the product, and he “knows” about it as much as I do.

I simply wrote him a test letter: “And fill out the business model template based on the information I have already given you. So he fills it in:

So first of all, he knows what Osterwalder’s business model template is. Secondly, he can analyse the information and structure it according to this template.

I can not get into my head how it can be done without understanding the essence of what is written, but because the essence of ChatGPT does not understand, but just guesses the letters. But nevertheless – it works.

Yes, some points are quite typical, suitable for any product. But most of them are customized for the discussed product and customized well (hidden in the screenshot).

Something had to be tweaked, of course, but overall very cool. I would have done it myself, but would have spent 5-10 times more time and would not have added value. So what’s the point then? It’s a great helper for this kind of task.

And another interesting nuance: later, after the additional information, I asked again for a business model template, and it was filled in differently. ChatGPT not only added new information, but also removed some of the old (and necessary) information. Apparently, the later context is more important, and can replace the earlier one. So you have to experiment and be creative, you are a human being, not a soulless machine.

Just do not take the example literally, that ChatGPT is good to fill in the patterns – look at it more broadly as an approach.

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