How to write an effective mailshot

Studies suggest that the ROI on mailshots are high (approx. £3.22 per £1 spent). But you’ll only get the result you want if you’ve put in the work to make sure that the content is right. The content of your mailshot will depend on your company, service, product and the message you are attempting to convey, but there are some standards to adhere to in all mailshot writing, here are just a few:

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Calculating ROI for dummies

Calculating the return on investment is essential practice for running and improving direct mail campaigns. We’ve devised five straightforward steps on how to calculate ROI:

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Millennials and direct marketing… all you need to know


Millennials have been dominating the demographic conversation for close to a decade now, so as the last of the millennials work their way into the adult population, their daily behaviours and engagement with businesses both online and offline are set to change the nature of direct marketing. In the US alone, millennials are predicted to have up to $200 billion buying power in 2017, meaning that marketers need to adapt to the best methods of communication with this audience; the first digitally native generation.

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How do you know so much about me?

When I’m travelling I like to send a few postcards back home to family and friends. There’s something wonderful about sharing your experiences on a card that travels all the way back home before you do. The combination of a great picture and a few hastily scribbled words can sum up the best bits of being on holiday.

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Looking to grow your business? Answers on a postcard…

When used correctly, the humble postcard can be a great tool in your marketing arsenal. Looking to create a marketing campaign that brings in results without breaking the bank? Here are six key reasons why you should consider using postcard direct mail:

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Send Marketing Solutions for Direct Mail

Send Marketing Solutions provide bespoke direct mailing solutions for large volume, regular or complex campaigns, we are able to offer a professional service to meet your specific budget and provide a return on investment.  By utilising our expertise, you can be sure that we will handle the marketing process from inception to dispatch, giving you peace of mind and freeing up your valuable time.

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Direct Mail Marketing Ideas at Send Marketing

Unique Direct Mail Marketing Ideas are essential as we all respond differently to mail  As we mature and our lives, lifestyle and circumstances change, so do the things that are important to us.  What appealed to us as teenagers becomes of lesser interest as we grow older and progress in our chosen career or start a family; or indeed as we retire and begin to enjoy our leisure time.

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Direct Mail partner – why every Marketing Agency should have one


Why every Marketing Agency should have a specialist Direct Mail partner

The clients of Full Service Marketing and Advertising Agencies expect agencies to be just that, “full service” – Experts all things marketing and advertising and able to apply their skills across a myriad of channels and specialisms.

In reality, many agencies look for external support from a Direct Mail partner in order to fulfil some of their clients’ demands.  This is particularly true when it comes to direct mail and there are a number of reasons why working with a direct mail partner like Send Marketing Solutions can add real value for your clients and your agency.

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Email Marketing Solutions and Direct Mail

Email Marketing Solutions and Direct Mail

The digital age is upon us – a fast, effective method of distributing your email marketing solutions, whether you are aiming for a local or niche market, or spreading a global net, your message can be received instantly.  Therefore, your message needs to be eye-catching and concise with calls to action directing your prospective clients to visit your website, checkout or contact you for advice and information.  Email broadcast can be an efficient and cost effective method of reaching a wide audience, quickly.  

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Mail Solutions with Postcard Direct Mail Marketing Services

Mail Solutions with Postcard Direct Mail Marketing provides a trackable, measurable event enabling you to effectively budget and analyse results.  Regular direct marketing to a target audience will allow you to drill down and gauge the most successful approaches as you split test, adjust and tweak your campaigns based on response, audience, location and buying behaviours.  

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Mail marketing boosted MOT numbers by 17% for autocentre

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