How We Can Help CRM Database Management

Do you have multiple data sources, but struggle to gain meaningful insight from them? As CRM database management solutions experts we can integrate data sources to create the single view of the customer you need.

Gain a single view of the customer with OneView

We can combine data from online sales, website visits, loyalty schemes, EPOS and more, to create one single customer view database.

This single view of the customer is facilitated through OneView – our flexible and cost-effective database solution.

OneView can be used to interrogate and assess data, to reveal customers true value, behaviour, sales history and campaign response rates.

OneView has been developed to work alongside and integrate with existing IT infrastructures.

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Bespoke database management solutions tailored to your needs

If you are looking for a bespoke database management solution our team can scope and implement a database, tailored to your precise needs.

A tailored approach will allow you to choose the most relevant data to pull into your database, as well as what to exclude.

We begin the process of tailoring your  solution  with a thorough review of  your data sources.

The initial review includes a database audit and enables us to provide you with a fully costed plan for implementation.

Once implemented you will be able to drill down to individual customer profiles, select mailing extracts or action any other requirements specified.

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