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mail marketing

Mail marketing boosted MOT numbers by 17% for autocentre

Mail Marketing

In order to maximise the return of their direct mail marketing activity, our client needed to gain a deeper understanding of their customer base.  An understanding of how the customer base could be segmented was also important.

The database contained over 10 million customer, vehicle and job records.  We re-organised this using date mining.  This proved that customers could be defined by values such as last use, frequency of use and expenditure.

Our mail marketing campaign aimed at retaining customers was extremely successful with an industry-leading 7% response rate.  This helped our client keep more of their customers.

Our mail marketing campaign aimed at bringing back lapsed customers, received a response of 5%.  Year on year, this led to a rise in MOT mailer responses and a 17% growth in MOT numbers.

crm database management

Order fulfilment service saves time and money

Fulfilment Service

A cost-effective order fulfilment service was required by a leading leisure and tourism company to help with stock management.

We developed a bespoke web portal to fulfil this need.  This allows each of the client’s 100+ branches to call off items from a specified list, to replenish their onsite stock. Stock lines and levels are visible to users through the web portal.  Our system automatically generates an email notification for items hitting their reorder level. We manage more than 700 stock lines with our fulfilment service.  This involves dispatching individual items, making up kits and managing dated stock items as they expire.

Our fulfilment service allows our client to focus on what they do best – keeping their 300,000 members happy.

Database Management System

Database management system saved business over £5000

Database Management System

Our database management system helped a financial services company save over £5,000 in postage costs.

Our client was sending out over 400,000 pension mailings a month to clients on their database.  There were a substantial number of returned.  Our client was struggling to keep track of the returned mail- at a significant cost to their business.

Using our sophisticated returns database management system, we were able to receive and record each of the 11,500 returned items.  We then supplied the client with an updated, clean list quickly after each mailing was dispatched. This resulted in substantial cost savings as the database could be amended and updated, resulting in fewer non-effective mailings.

Mailing House

Mailing House delivered international success for Bentley

Mailing House

A mailing house that could be trusted was required by a large full service marketing agency.   The agency needed to develop a close partnership with a mailing house in order to deliver a long-term international campaign.  We were required to deliver a worldwide campaign for distinguished Bentley Motors.  We were to target high wealth individuals in specifically tailored mailings, across multiple languages.

Our specialist mailing house knowledge enabled the marketing agency to deliver a complete solution to their client. This particular project ran for over a two-year period and contributed to another successful launch of a prestigious Bentley model.

Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions overcome market challenges and drive sales quickly

Mail Marketing Solutions

Our mail marketing solutions quickly assisted one of the UK’s largest independent builders’ and timbers merchants.

The builders’ and timber merchant market is notoriously competitive so when a competitor opened a new depot near to our client, EH Smith, they needed a solution. Fast.

Using our mail marketing solutions experience we swiftly launched a direct mail marketing campaign that would solidify their position in the local area.  We contacted a variety of different types of customers promoting services, products and offers. As a result, we successfully helped to secure valuable trade and reinforce EH Smith as a market-leading brand.

how to send a marketing email

How to send a marketing email to improve visitor frequency

How to send a marketing email

How to send a marketing email?  Never underestimate the power of a personalised message.

We successfully helped a casino to generate a huge increase in visits from existing members.  We targeted our client’s members during the month of their birthday. Our campaign included sending personalised direct mailings which contained a special birthday offer for the individual. This helped our client to smash their member retention targets.  Our campaign also vastly increased the average number of visits per member. When asking the question ‘How to send a marketing email?’, remember personalisation will make your direct mail work harder.  Why gamble?

mail marketing direct

Mail Marketing Direct increases business growth

Mail Marketing Direct

Our mail marketing direct campaign for a financial services company resulted in huge success.  The campaign was so successful that our client diverted substantial spend from other allocated budgets and redirected it to be used for growing the business further through direct mail. We started our mail marketing direct partnership sending around 10,000 pension release mailings a month.  We then seamlessly scaled up the mail marketing direct to 400,000 releases.  As a result, we added value to our clients business with cost-effective mailing fulfilment, postage and print management as part of our mail marketing direct project.

crm database management

CRM Database Management – cutting costs with cleaner data

CRM Database Management

Effective CRM Database Management procedures allowed a  leading packaging supplier to transform their in-house information.  Originally cluttered and unusable, we transformed the data into a clear and usable database using CRM database management techniques. We stripped out duplicates and cleaned the database.   The use of CRM database management practices cut our client’s direct marketing costs by 15%.  The management project also dramatically reduced returned mail and wastage. This allowed our client to market to their customers much more effectively immediately.  Our client was able to utilise a cohesive direct marketing plan that covered both customers and prospects and continue to manage their database more effectively in the future.


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